Tier2 Submit 2019 Test Files

Tier2 Submit has undergone a redesign. This beta ("test") version (updated November 25) is available for the public to test the program, help us unearth bugs, and send suggestions for improvement.

Before you download the beta, please carefully read through the below notes, which will ensure that you can open and use the program and that your feedback will be considered:

  1. Some state representatives have requested changes to their state fields. All state fields customizations that will be in the final version of the program have been added in the beta version below. If you have comments or questions about your state fields, email us at Tier2Submit2019.TesterFeedback@noaa.gov.
  2. If you suspect you have found a bug or problem with the software, please report the issue immediately to Tier2Submit2019.TesterFeedback@noaa.gov. This will help ensure that we have time to resolve the issue before the release, which is currently scheduled for the week of December 9th.

Instructions to download and test the program:

  1. Download the below file for Windows or Mac.
  2. Install the program.
  3. Import any .t2s or .zip files you wish to test. EPCRA officials or Tier II information managers should note that because you will be importing 2017 or 2018 files into a 2019 version of the program, the Date Signed field will be cleared and marked as invalid. (This is standard procedure for all submitters when they import last year's records into a new version of the program.) In order to clear this validation error, use the "Edit as a group" feature:
    1. Select individual records by clicking the checkbox on the far left edge of the record, or select all records at once by clicking the checkbox in the far left edge of the gray header.
    2. Click the pencil icon in the dark blue bar and select "Edit the selected records as a group".
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select "Field: Date Signed".
    4. Select a date that will be applied to the Date Signed field of every record you selected.
    5. Click "Apply".
    6. Click "Done." Now, the Date Signed field will be populated for your selected records, and the Date signed field will no longer be flagged as invalid.
  4. EPCRA officials or Tier II information managers may also wish to download the beta version of CAMEOfm 3.6 and import Tier II data from Tier2 Submit 2019 into the program to check its compatibility.

Download Tier2 Submit 2019 Beta for Windows [EXE, 50 MB]
Download Tier2 Submit 2019 Beta for Mac [DMG, 88 MB]

Download CAMEOfm 3.6 Beta for Windows [EXE, 63 MB]
Download CAMEOfm 3.6 Beta for Mac [DMG, 143 MB]

Testing on various Mac operating systems is ongoing, but we hope to approve the following operating systems for the final release: Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra. Note that the Mac version of Tier2 Submit is a 64-bit program. If you find a bug on the Mac version, please make sure to report the operating system that you installed the beta version on.

Major Changes from Tier2 Submit 2018

  • Redesigned the navigation structure, adding a toolbar to edit records in list view
  • Redesigned the detail page to show all details on a single page, similar to a web form
  • Added real-time validation that catches validation errors as users type them, and reports the validation status of a record at any moment
  • Added a map view of lat/long coordinates
  • Added ability to export and import in sets of .csv files

Import Information

  • The new program will accept 2017 and 2018 .zip and .t2s files (we encourage you to import your 2017 and 2018 files to test this and report any bugs you find).
  • .t2s files and EPCRA Data Standard .zip files created in this program will be importable into CAMEOfm 3.6, which will be released along with Tier2 Submit in December. CAMEOfm 3.6 will not support import of .csv files.

Technical Details

The following information is for technical users. Please contact us at Tier2Submit2019.TesterFeedback@noaa.gov for details on any of these items:

  • There is no modification to the National Tier II Data Standard this year.
  • Certain data values are now corrected in file import.
  • Certain data validation rules have changed.
  • Certain state-specific fields have been added or removed.
  • Instead of exporting to .mer files, the program now offers the option to export to .csv files. As compared to the .mer files, the columns of the .csv file have been renamed and reordered for clarity.

For more information, contact tier2submit2019.testerfeedback@noaa.gov