The CAMEO software suite is a set of tools designed to assist emergency planning and response — especially for those events related to hazardous chemicals.

What is the CAMEO Software Suite?

There are four core programs in the suite:

  • ALOHA estimates threat zones for chemical spills, including toxic gas clouds, fires, and explosions.
  • CAMEO Chemicals provides critical response information and physical properties about thousands of hazardous chemicals. The program also estimates how chemicals could react if they were mixed together.
  • CAMEO Data Manager allows you to manage emergency planning and response data about chemicals in your community, including facilities, chemical inventories, contact information, transportation routes, past incidents, special locations of interest, and response resources.
  • MARPLOT shows you all the geospatial information together on a map. You can see whether ALOHA threat zones might impact vulnerable locations of interest (such as hospitals and schools), which can be linked from CAMEO Data Manager. You can also add you own layers and objects to the map.

All of the programs are available as desktop versions that you can install on your Windows or Mac computer and run offline. Additionally, the CAMEO Chemicals program is also available as a websiteexternal link, mobile websiteexternal link, iOS mobile appexternal link, and Android mobile appexternal link,

Where can I get more information?

The CAMEO software suite is developed jointly by the NOAA Office of Response and Restoration and the EPA Office of Emergency Management.

You can learn more about the suite and download the programs from the: